How ResAfrica email enquiry works
There is currently no sign-up fee for joining ResAfrica. A standard booking commission of 15% (incl. VAT) is charged for all bookings made from the website.

10 step booking process

  1. Guest searches for accommodation on RoomsForAfrica
  2. Guest sends you an email enquiry
  3. You reply to the guest from
  4. Guest makes a booking from your reply
  5. You receive the booking request and are required to acknowledge it on
  6. The booking is confirmed to both you and the guest via email upon your acknowledgement
  7. The guest is charged for the deposit
  8. ResAfrica pays the deposit, less ResAfrica's 15% commission, into your bank account
  9. You will be provided with the guests contact details, and are free to contact them directly with maps, directions and any further details they may require.
  10. The guest settles the remainder of their account with you on arrival/departure.

How does the email enquiry process work?

  • Guests are able to search for accommodation on and can generate an email enquiry to you from the website.
  • ResAfrica will send you an email in order to inform you that you have received an accommodation enquiry.
  • In order to view and respond to the enquiry, click on the link in the email enquiry sent to you by RoomsForAfrica or alternatively log on manually using your username, password and client code. (see How to respond to the email enquiry below)
  • ResAfrica will send your reply to the guest, and the guest will be able to either make a booking request or request further information.
  • If the guest chooses to make a booking, you will receive a further booking request which you are able to confirm, reject or offer an alternative.
  • If you accept the booking request, ResAfrica will email you with the guests contact details and will confirm the booking with the guest.
  • Once you have confirmed the booking, ResAfrica will charge the client a deposit according to your pre-selected deposit policy. This deposit will be payable to you less ResAfrica's 15% commission. The remainder of the payment should be settled directly between yourself and the guest upon arrival/departure.
  • In the event of a cancellation, your cancellation policy as displayed on RoomsForAfrica will apply. ResAfrica will retain their 15% commission.

How to respond to the email enquiry

  • Click on the link in the email enquiry sent to you by RoomsForAfrica or alternatively log on manually using your username, password and client code.
  • Click on the enquiry displayed under Email Enquiries requiring your Attention. Click on the underlined reference code to open the enquiry.
  • Are you able to satisfy the booking reqeust? Select YES, NO or SUGGEST AN ALTERNATIVE. Click in the appropriate box.
  • In the text box provided, please include any further information you would like the guest to know. Please do NOT include your contact details or website details here.
  • Enter the Total Price as per the guests booking request. The guest will only be able to proceed with their booking if the Total Price field has been entered. If you choose to leave out the Total Price field, the guest will need to send a further enquiry. This is the total price for the entire booking.
  • You are also able to put the rooms on hold for the guest for a certain period of time. Select the relevant dates from the drop-down menus. If you do not select this option, the guest will be informed that the rooms are currently available, but are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • To send your reply, click on the Reply button at the bottom of the page.

How to update or change your details

  • You are free to change your establishment details as shown on RoomsForAfrica at any stage.
  • To do this, log on to and click on the Establishment Details tab in the top left hand corner of the page.
  • From here you can change any of the information shown in contact info, general info, facilities & attractions, room types and pictures.
  • Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Please feel free to email, should you have any queries or require any additional information.

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